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GT Interactive Software (GTIS) is a privately held computer software company, headquartered in New York City. Through alliances with major software publishers, GTIS merchandises, markets and distributes software titles for computer and gaming platforms via mass merchandisers and specialty retail chains. In addition, through strategic partnerships with developers and rights holders, GTIS publishes select computer software titles.

GTIS was formed in February of 1993 by GoodTimes Home Video and established as an independent company in January of 1995. Ron W. Chaimowitz is the chief executive officer, president and co-founder.

GTIS has by far the strongest distribution capability of any "software provider." GTIS's broad distribution system guarantees its titles prime shelf space in retail software outlets and mass merchants worldwide.

GTIS's product releases span a range of categories including entertainment, education, action-packed arcade-style games, screen savers, and reference tools. The company introduced its first title, Wolfenstein 3-D, in November, 1993. To date, GTIS's most successful title is the record-breaking combat action game, DOOM II: Hell on Earth recently being distributed worldwide with more than one million units shipped.

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GT Interactive Software is a strong player in the competitive world of interactive multimedia. GTIS's corporate strengths include:

Mass Merchant Program - GTIS's distribution program services many mass merchants such as Wal-Mart on a direct basis, and sells direct to virtually every major software retailer. This broad-based distribution goes beyond these outlets to music stores, toy stores, warehouse clubs, electronics chains and deep discount drug stores.

Using GoodTimes' manufacturing and duplicating expertise, and its state of the art "quick response" replenishment system, GTIS offers mass merchants a planogramed program that includes high quality product, rapid replenishment, full service Management and profit margins to meet their objectives.

GTIS also works with these chains and the publishers to develop and implement promotions supported by advertising, publicity and special product displays.

GTIS has been successful in creating a distribution program that currently services software in Wal-Mart, Caldor and Phar-Mor stores on a direct basis. Testing of this program is also going on in other mass merchants that have a likelihood of chain-wide expansion.

Today, the GTIS Mass Merchant Program includes a wide range of front-line titles from key publishers including Microsoft, Intuit, Broderbund, Davidson, Maxis, Lucas Arts, Sierra On-Line and Interplay.

Publishing Arm - The publishing arm of GTIS has formed strategic relationships with several key development groups and rights holders around the world, to publish and distribute high-quality interactive multimedia titles.

GTIS has secured major deals with a number of first-rate companies, including id Software (Wolfenstein, DOOM, DOOM II, Heretic, DOOM II Screen Saver, The Ultimate DOOM); Williams Entertainment, the Home Entertainment Division of WMS Industries (giving GTIS software rights to Mortal Kombat III as well as original titles like SuperKarts and Fun & Games Deluxe); Mercer Mayer's Big Tuna New Media (the first from this multi-title deal is Just Me and My Dad); Zombie Virtual Reality Entertainment (whose first title, Ice & Fire, was authored by the team famous for Tetris); and White Wolf (to publish its enthralling story-telling sensation, Vampire: The Masquerade, on CD-ROM).

GTIS has also leveraged some higher visibility products under contract by GoodTimes Home Video by publishing a Fabio Screen Saver and an interactive CD-ROM version of Richard Simmons' Deal-A-Meal.

GTIS's distribution techniques have been especially successful for software gaming phenomenons DOOM and DOOM II, developed by id Software. DOOM II is currently the best-selling computer combat action game on the market, and is a sequel to the top-selling computer game and shareware sensation DOOM.

Budget Business - GTIS has a separate arm of the business that handles promotional budget product.

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GT Interactive Software has an aggressive product release schedule.
GTIS's extensive selection of titles includes:

Wolfenstein 3-D - This wartime adventure features wild action and unbelievable graphics with an incredible digitized soundtrack. You'll be transported into a sensationally realistic 3-D world of amazing detail, where your mission is to control the Nazi brigade. Available on floppy disk for IBM-PC compatible computers.

The Ultimate DOOM - For the first time, the full version of id Software's explosive sensation DOOM will be released at retail through GT Interactive Software, featuring a specially designed expert level with more passageways to peruse and more demons to destroy. Available on 3.5" disk and CD-ROM for IBM-PC compatible computers.

DOOM II: Hell on Earth - DOOM II: Hell on Earth is the record-breaking sequel to the popular, addictive and frighteningly realistic shareware game DOOM. This time it's badder than ever with a new scenario, more realistic 3-D graphics, spine-chilling new sound effects, a pulse-pounding musical score, nearly twice as many death-wielding demons, more levels and a powerful new weapon. Available on floppy disk and CD-ROM for IBM-PC compatible computers.

DOOM II for Macintosh is now available. WinDOOM and WinDOOM II versions will be released during the 1st half of 1995.

DOOM II Screen Saver - Once you have saved the world from the hordes of horrible demons that inhabit DOOM II, save your screen with the DOOM II Screen Saver. The gore continues with the DOOM II Screen Saver as dastardly demons battle it out and let loose with blood curdling screams. Available on floppy disk and CD-ROM for IBM-PC compatible computers.

Heretic - Enter a fantasy world filled with magic and adventure while battling mystical enemies as you search for ancient artifacts to help you in your quest. This supernatural blast-fest was developed by the graphic masters at Raven Software in cooperation with the technical geniuses at id Software. Heretic is available online as shareware and a full version is available at registration from id Software. The shareware version is also available at retail on floppy and CD-ROM through GT Interactive Software. GTIS will distribute a totally new version at retail this fall.

SuperKarts - Take to the road with SuperKarts, a fast and furious go-kart racing game developed by Manic Media Productions, produced by Williams Entertainment and distributed by GT Interactive Software. For race car enthusiasts, for those demanding instant game gratification, or for those who simply enjoy good, clean fun, SuperKarts offers adrenalin-pumping action. SuperKarts is now available on CD-ROM, with a floppy disk version to follow.

Mortal Kombat III - Finishing someone has never been so much fun. Another title emanating from the Williams deal, Mortal Kombat III will be the fiercest of fighting games. This computer version, released in late fall, will feature over-the-top kombat moves, a bevy of weapons and unbelievable effects. Let the battles begin!

Just Me and My Dad - This is first title from GTIS's multi-title deal with famed children's author Mercer Mayer (whose first electronic book, Just Grandma and Me, topped the charts) and his company Big Tuna New Media. This interactive adventure, following a boy and his father on a camping trip, will be available in fall.

Ice & Fire - From GTIS's joint venture with developer Zombie Virtual Reality Entertainment comes this action-packed space war adventure authored by Tetris notables Alexey Pajitnov and Vladimir Polhilko. Players explore and navigate in a real-time environment set on a distant asteroid, using tactical plans to destroy the alien invaders. Ice & Fire will be released in the fall.

Locus - Also from Zombie, Locus is a futuristic soccer-style game where players steer their cyber-cycles around colossal arenas in real-time. The game was specially designed to be played with or without a head mounted display, and will be available in the fall.

Vampire: The Masquerade - This CD-ROM brings to the desktop the award-winning storytelling game from White Wolf Inc. that has thrilled and chilled players worldwide with its 'personal horror' approach to role-playing. This high-tech adventure, rife with mystery, social interaction and intrigue, thoroughly immerses players in the vampire culture where they must learn the ways of the undead in order to survive. Vampire: The Masquerade is due in the winter.

Fun & Games Deluxe - For aspiring Mozarts or Michelangelos, Fun & Games Deluxe, developed by Williams Entertainment and published by GT Interactive Software, contains hours and hours of fun as kids try their hand at painting, composing songs, dressing up lively creatures, and playing games of skill and action. Available on CD-ROM in June 1995.

Ultimate Pinball - Put your flipper fingers to the test with Ultimate Pinball. Everything you loved in the arcade version and more -- the action, amazing light and sound effects and multi-ball action will make you the "Pinball Wizard" in your own home. Ultimate Pinball is available on CD-ROM for IBM PC-compatible computers.

Troy Aikman NFL Football - Build your dream team with Troy Aikman NFL Football. Construct offensive and defensive plays or choose from 174 different programmed plays using official NFL players. Troy will personally talk you through 50 game situations as he pops onto your screen with strategy and play calling hints. Choose from a variety of field options and difficulty levels in this action-packed game. Troy's game has the latest NFL rule changes and an "Action Video Trading Card" of every NFL player which includes their name, jersey number and stats. Available on CD-ROM for IBM PC-compatible computers.

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Joe Cayre Chairman
Ron W. Chaimowitz CEO & President
Harry Rubin Chief Financial Officer
Jack Cayre Executive VP of Acquisition &Development
Tom Gross VP of Merchandising Mass Merchants
Allan Blum VP of Marketing
Todd Steckbeck VP of Sales
Harry Steck VP of Operations
Tom Ryan VP of Marketing/Mass Merchants

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Ron W. Chaimowitz named CEO and President of GTIS - Jan 5, '95
Heretic, a supernatural combat action game - Dec 29, '94
DOOM II: Hell on Earth - Oct 10, '94

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